The power of mentorship

18575106_10155378646279533_1045393278_oI read somewhere once upon a time that we don’t need more teachers, we need more role models. This is something I believe in wholeheartedly as I see a role model as someone who practices what they preach and is living in total alignment and congruency.

I often hear of teachers, coaches and supposed mentors across all industries who are out of alignment. They’re not living congruently with the very things they teach and share themselves. And it shows. I do however understand we are all human and fall off track, make mistakes and change direction. I feel the key is to be honest and know it’s actually more inspiring to be real with the challenges.

This is why when I seek a mentor I look for someone who is completely raw and real, loves what they do and what they do is in total, perfect, clear alignment with who they are and what they stand for.

My personal philosophy is to seek out mentors who are achieving the results I want to achieve myself. And this goes for all areas of my life – professionally, personally and spiritually.

While I believe in qualifications, degrees and diplomas, I don’t think these things necessarily  equal a great mentor. Tony Robbins doesn’t have a business degree, does this mean he’s not an amazing business mentor? I think his success speaks for itself here!

I look for a mentor who has a degree in results rather than business (or whatever area it may be).


How to find a mentor


I’ve been in the health and fitness industry since I was 19 years old and I’ve had many mentors, teachers, coaches and guides in this time. What most of them have in common is that they were the best in their area.

When I wanted to learn to teach Pilates barre I travelled to New York to learn under the original creators of the barre method.

When I wanted to bring Yin yoga to my studio, I travelled to Mexico where I sat at the feet of Paul Grilley who is widely acknowledged as the yogi to bring Yin yoga to the western world.

When I wanted to delve deep into Ashtanga, I practiced with Dena Kingsberg who was a senior student of the late Sri K Patabhi Jois and holds the highest recognised qualification in this method.

I like to go to the ‘source’. Where I can receive direct transmission of the learnings. Where these learnings are as closely aligned to their roots as possible.

When, after gaining 34 kilograms in my pregnancy with the twins, I needed help to lose those last four pesky kilos, so of course I went to someone who gets results.

Mark Robinson from Team 360 not only has three health related degrees (dietitian, exercise science and sports psychology) he also holds the world champion title in fitness modeling. He is currently working with my husband Brad as he prepares for the world fitness model competition in the US. I had a new clean diet plan created and in four weeks, simply by changing my diet, the four kilos were gone – and we all know the last few kilograms are the hardest to lose.

I was successful because I was taught the right strategies from someone who’s zone of genius is in this area. I was working smarter, not harder. This is something I believe we should be doing in all areas of our lives.

The power of knowledge


I see so many people who don’t share their knowledge and strategies, but keep it all close to their chest instead. It’s so sad to see this keeping of knowledge, because the true joy of success is in the sharing.

I made a promise to myself a long time ago to never be like that. Personally, I try to share my own successes in life by being an open book. I share here on my blog, at speaking events, in my teacher training courses and of course on the mat as a yoga and Pilates teacher.

So isn’t it time you surrounded yourself with those who have done it before you? Isn’t it time you found a mentor that doesn’t make claims, but gets results?